About Dark to Light - Lighting Controls

Dark to Light (DTL)™ is the leader in high quality, cost-effective electronic outdoor photocontrols for electric utilities. DTL™ was founded in 1986 as a development company. Since 1990, DTL™ has shipped over seven million electronic photocontrols in North America, Central America, Australia, and Asia. More utilities use DTL™ electronic controls than those of any other electronic control manufacturer.

DTL™ controls are used in over 700 utility installations, ranging in size from under 500 to over 300,000 photocontrols.

DTL's patented photocontrol design meets and/or exceeds all existing or proposed ANSI photocontrol standards. DTL™ photocontrols are exceptionally reliable and reduce utility maintenance costs. In addition, they are energy efficient. DTL™ is a Manufacturing Ally in the U.S. EPA Green Lights Program, which promotes energy-efficient lighting to reduce energy usage. We can provide you with an analysis to estimate your streetlight energy savings and emission reductions. All DTL™ controls satisfy the relevant certifications and/or specifications, including ANSI C136 and UL773.

Advanced flexible manufacturing allows DTL™ to respond quickly to individual utility needs, including special requirements. DTL™ manufactures a wide range of electronic photocontrols including:

  • Twist-locks to button-type (wire-in) controls
  • 120 to 480 volts (including 347 and multi-voltage controls)
  • "Intelligent" controls - Part-night and anti-cycling
  • UL and non-UL listed controls.

DTL™ photocontrols are manufactured in Pembroke, Massachusetts.

DTL™ Engineering has led the industry in new product development for 10 years. DTL™ offers customers the benefits of this engineering expertise. Engineers are available to support 1) customers' inquiries about standard products and specifications; and 2) to assist customers with custom applications.

DTL™ also maintains a large database of utility operating cost data and product performance data. This information is available to assist customers in understanding DTL™ product capabilities. In addition, the database allows utilities to quantify operating cost factors.