Watch Light WL1

Intended Use: For security areas, storage yards, loading areas, receiving areas, rural residences.

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The AEL Watch Light combines decades of experience in traditional HID security lighting with Acuity Brands R&D for the most advanced LED security lighting product available at an affordable price.

With features that you would expect in a much more expensive product, AEL has designed a cost-effective solution that addresses customers' needs.... low initial cost, low energy cost, and no maintenance. Also, with two tiers of performance to choose from, Standard & Premium, the customer only pays for features that they need.

- Wide variety of lumen packages in type 3 & 5 - distributions
- All aluminum housing & door
- 2-bolt mounting with +/- 5 adjustment
- Durable prismatic glass optics
- Optional acrylic refactor provides additional vertical foot-candles
- 3000K & 4000K CCT, 70 CRI
- 3-pin or 7-pin control receptacle options
- Optional 20kV/10kA surge protection

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