Series GRPCL-GRSCL - Georgian LED Full Cutoff

Intended Use: Street and Roadway Lighting

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Suitable for Full Cutoff applications typical to HPS luminaires up to 150 watts, the Georgian LED FCO combines traditional aesthetics and install-friendly features of this popular series with a powerful new solid state platform.

The Post Top (GRPCL) & Side Mount (GRSCL) Georgian LED FCO upscale aesthetics and install friendly features make it an extremely versatile product. It’s downward directed lumens are well-suited for residential areas, city streetscapes, green spaces and retail areas, but the universal appeal of the standard and full cutoff Georgian LED offering provides a uniformed look for almost any application. The Georgian employs a square frame and contoured hood to create a classic aesthetic style. State-of-the-art features like its tool-less cupola, hinged hood, terminal block, and optional trigger latch make installation a breeze. For added flair, the Georgian is also available with an optional decorative ladder rest.

Decorative Post Top

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