Series ARDCL LED - Full Cutoff

Intended Use: Energy efficient solution for local roads, residential communities, commercial streetscapes, campuses, parks, walkways, green spaces and site lighting.

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As municipalities and utilities initiate conversions to LED in common applications, the new ARDCL LED is designed to have utility grade standardized features for a great value! ARDL LED family has expanded to include a full cutoff version using the LEM 10, 20 and 30 LED modules, which improves energy efficiency and reduces maintenance.

Together, the ARDL (standard version) and ARDCL (full cutoff version) combine to give a great set of high performance LED solutions for applications for the “American Revolution Deluxe” style. The upscale aesthetics and install friendly features make it an extremely versatile product. It’s downward directed lumens are well-suited to for residential areas, city streetscapes, green spaces and retail areas, but the universal appeal of the standard and full cutoff ARD Series offering provides a uniformed look for makes it compatible with almost any application.

Features include:

  • Six lumen packages replacing up to 150W HPS incumbents
  • 3K, 4K & 5K CCT choices
  • Multiple distributions - Type II, III & V
  • L70 @ 25C = >100,000 hours
  • Rated driver life @ 25C = 50,000 – 100,000 hours depending on lumen package and voltage
  • Ease of maintenance features, including tool-less hardware options and easy access to electronic gear
  • CSA listed suitable for 30°C ambient
  • P3, P5 and P7 NEMA receptacle options

The ARDCL LED is fully controls compatible and is well suited to Smart & Simple control solutions like the new DTL DLL photocontrol and the sophisticated ROAM controls available from Acuity Brands.

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