Series 247 - American Revolution

Intended Use: Streetscapes, walkways, pathways, parks~13;~10;

Preferred Products:~13;~10;

247 10S RN 120 R3 AY~13;~10;

247 15S RN 120 R3 AY~13;~10;

247 17M SC MT1 R3 AY ~13;~10;

247 10S RN 120 R5 AY~13;~10;

247 15S RN 120 R5 AY

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Features: Die-cast aluminum housing and hood for long-life performance. Optical assembly designed for maximum performance. Hinged hood and captive screw provision afford quick, easy access to electrical and optical area for relamping or servicing. ~13;~10;

Slipfitter with three set screws allows secure installation to pole sizes 2-3/8" or 3" OD. E39 mogul base socket standard. All electrical components warranted by American Electric Lighting's 6-year guarantee. ~13;~10;

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