Autobahn ATB2

Intended Use: High-performance, energy efficient solution for local, collector and major roadways; also suitable for highway access ramps and some area lighting applications.

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Breakthrough LED technology and precision-engineered optics in the ATB2 cobrahead provide exceptional illumination while also saving energy. Best-in-class surge protection and efficacy (lpw). Works seamlessly with the Acuity Brands ROAM system to maximize energy and maintenance savings through enhanced monitoring and control functions. Includes "Power Door" feature for easy installation and maintenance.

- 40, 60 or 80 LEDs
- 0% Uplight
- 3000K CCT, 70 CRI
- 4000K CCT, 70 CRI
- 5000K CCT, 70 CRI
- Types II, III, IV, & V
- Design Lights Consortium qualified product

U.S. Patent No. D663,462

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