Autobahn ATB0

Intended Use: High-performance, energy efficient solution for local, collector and major roadways; also suitable for highway access ramps and some area lighting applications.

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Breakthrough LED technology and precision-engineered optics in the ATB0 cobrahead provide exceptional illumination while also saving energy. Best-in-class surge protection and efficacy (lpw). Works seamlessly with the Acuity Brands ROAM system to maximize energy and maintenance savings through enhanced monitoring and control functions.

- 20 or 30 LEDs
- 0% Uplight
- 3000K CCT, 70 CRI
- 4000K CCT, 70 CRI
- 5000K CCT, 70 CRI
- Types II, III, IV, & V
- Design Lights Consortium qualified product

U.S. Patent No. D663,462

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