American Electric Lighting Products

Area and Site Lighting

Attractive and functional area lighting products for applications such as office complexes, retail plazas, sports facilities, residential communities and parking lots.

Decorative Post Top

A variety of classic and contemporary luminaires for residential streets, shopping centers, parks and other areas where aesthetics and performance are equally important.

Flood Lighting

High-performance flood lighting products for area, security, recreation and fašade applications feature precise aiming capabilities and a variety of options.

Roadway Lighting Luminaires

A comprehensive line of high performance, install-friendly roadway luminaires for major, collector and local roads, as well as other demanding applications.

Security Lighting

Security lighting products that meet the long-life stability and performance requirements for roadways, rural areas and leased lighting programs.

Poles (AEL & Holophane)
A complete line of Acuity Brands poles available for the AEL & Holophane brands, including fiberglass, steel, aluminum, and concrete; styles include round or square, tapered or straight.