Specification Sheets

The American Electric Lighting library contains the following product Specification Sheets.

Decorative Post Top

  File Name Description Revision Date Additional Family Info
    DL-245L.PDF 245 LED Spec Sheet 5/28/2015 Series 245L LED - Contempo
    DL-247-A.pdf Series 247, American Revolution Series 247 - American Revolution
    DL-247CL.PDF 5/28/2015 Series 247CL LED - Full Cutoff
    DL-ARD.pdf Series ARD, American Rev Deluxe Series ARD - American Rev Deluxe
    ARDCL LED.PDF 5/28/2015 Series ARDCL LED - Full Cutoff
    ARDL LED.PDF ARDL LED Spec Sheet 5/28/2015 Series ARDL LED - American Rev Deluxe
    DL-AVP.pdf Series AVP, Valiant 12/9/2013 Series AVP - Valiant
    AVPCL2 LED.PDF Valiant Full Cutoff LED 6/9/2015 Series AVPCL2 LED - Full Cutoff
    AVPL2 LED.PDF AVPL2 LED Spec Sheet 5/28/2015 Series AVPL2 - Valiant LED
    DL-GRPCL-GRSCL.PDF Georgian Full Cutoff LED Series GRPCL-GRSCL - Georgian LED Full Cutoff
    DL-GRPL-GRSL.PDF Colonial LED Lantern Series GRPL-GRSL - Georgian LED
    DL-GRP.pdf Series GRS/GRP/GRL, Georgian 7/9/12 Series GRS GRP GRL - Georgian
  File Name Description Revision Date Additional Family Info
    DL-245.pdf Series 245, Contempo luminaire Series 245 - Contempo
    DL-247L.PDF 247 LED - Spec Sheet 9/3/2013 Series 247L LED - American Revolution
    DL-TWT.pdf Series TWT, TwistPack contemporary luminaire 6/13/12 Series TWT - TwistPack
  File Name Description Revision Date Additional Family Info
    DL-870.pdf Series 870, Bainbridge 7/9/12 Series 870 - Bainbridge
    DL-LCR-C.pdf Series LCR, Cresthill Centennial 6/13/12 Series LCR - Cresthill (Centennial)
    DL-LCR-A.pdf Series LCR, Cresthill Classic 6/13/12 Series LCR - Cresthill (Classic)
    DL-LCR-D.pdf Series LCR, Cresthill Glass 6/13/12 Series LCR - Cresthill (Glass)
    DL-LCR-B.pdf Series LCR, Cresthill Sphere 6/13/12 Series LCR - Cresthill (Sphere)
    DL-LMD.pdf Series LMD, Marietta 3/13/13 Series LMD - Marietta
    DL-LSH.pdf Series LSH, Sumter 5/28/13 Series LSH - Sumter